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Steps of a Workers' Compensation Case


Medical Treatment

It is important that you continue to treat with your physicians. The Judges frequently think that when you stop treating with doctors, that indicates an improvement in your condition. Sometimes the lack of medical treatment is due to a lack of finances or refusal of the doctor to treat someone without insurance, however, continuing treatment is important to your case.

"Thank you Mr. Bott and all those who helped me in my case.  All who were involved through Bott and Spencer made me feel confident and no question was unreasonable or went unexplained or nanswered, everyone was very helpful and courteous, even when some of my questions or concerns were possibly confusing to any Bott and Spencer Rep; at times I wasn't sure of the proper term or the right words to use to explain myself. Someone always knew what I was trying to ask or explain. I appreciate everyone's patience with my delayed response or returning any correspondence in a timely manner. It was  a difficult process only in regards to the added stress of potential trials or other processes, however Bott and Spencer and assoc. made it easy to understand all the expected and/or predicted events that would possibly occur. I am extremely satisfied with Bott and Spencer representation! Thanks does not seem to be enough, knowing I can move on with my life and do what I can do to pursue any job and career that will accommodate my physical restrictions. I'm happy that my case was resolved quickly so I can move on with my life quicker than I expected. Thanks from the bottom of my heart Bott and Spencer!"


Jessica K Brown-Watkins, Branch

Insurance Investigators

The insurance company and/or employer will sometimes hire a private investigator to go out and check up on you. What they are looking for is to see whether you are working and not disclosing that and whether or not you are performing activities that are inconsistent with your claim of disability. Our Judges do not require you to be bedridden in order to win a workers' compensation case, however, they will look closely at any evidence that suggests your disability is not as bad as you claim. For that reason, do not attempt to manipulate the doctors, or others, regarding your disability.

Medical Examinations

The insurance company will frequently send you to doctors in preparation for the defense of your case. Frequently the doctors have a number of "faking" tests. They also have a number of other tricks to see whether or not a person is honestly conveying their symptoms. The quickest way for you to lose your case is to give the Judge reasons to suspect whether or not you are being truthful or honest in your presentation. For that reason, report exactly what is going on with no embellishment or exaggeration.
The insurance company and/or employer can have you examined by a number of people in defending your workers' compensation case. They are required to pay you mileage to and from the health care provider that they are having you see. You must attend any medical exam that is set up. If you fail to attend, the Judge can suspend or dismiss your workers' compensation Petition. He may also require you to reimburse the insurance company for the cost of these medical exams, which can be upwards of $600.00. If you receive a notice of an Independent Medical Exam and they have chosen a date and time that is absolutely impossible for you, please contact your attorney immediately.
We may also have you examined by a doctor of our own choice and it is mandatory that you appear for such an exam.

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