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Steps of a Workers' Compensation Case


What is the value of my case?

We are frequently asked by clients how much their case is worth. Many factors go into how an attorney values a workers' compensation case. Please be assured that we will never settle your workers' compensation case without your permission. Generally speaking, there are a large number of issues that are factored into determining what an appropriate workers' compensation settlement would be. The two most important factors are the workers' compensation rate and disablement. The workers' compensation rate that you may be entitled to is based on 80% of your after tax income. They determine your average weekly wage by going back one year from your date of injury, taking the highest 39 weeks of income and dividing by that number to come up with an average weekly wage. Depending on how high your comp rate is, the cash value of any discontinued fringe benefits may be added to the gross wage, and your work comp rate is established using both figures. The rate is then determined by using a rate table based on the number of dependents and your tax filing status.

There are other factors that effect a settlement, such as your willingness to return to light duty work, your education, other job skills you might have, residual work ability that you have, etc. Every effort is made to maximize the recovery for clients.

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Wage Replacement / Medical Bills / Rehabilitation - Retraining / Mileage

Workers' compensation pays for basic benefits: (1) They pay disability benefits during the period of time you are unable to work because of a work-related injury. That is premised on 80% of your after tax income. (2) They also pay 100% of all medical bills under Michigan Cost - Containment (that means the State of Michigan tells the doctor how much the procedure should be, regardless of what he charges), all prescriptions, braces and other appliances as needed. (3) It also pays for rehabilitation and retraining in certain circumstances. Workers' comp may pay for home modification if you are paralyzed. (4) They pay for all of the mileage to and from your health care providers. It is important that you keep a master list of all the unpaid medical bills you have and provide them to us prior to trial.
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